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Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where thin strokes of pigment are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin to mimic the appearance of eyebrow hair. With the right technique microblading can create fuller, thicker, more even looking brows. It is a two step process- the first appointment is to add the base layer of hair strokes, while the second appointment is to make any adjustments to color or shape depending on the individual retention and healing process of each client. Typically, final results last up to 12-18 months before requiring a yearly touch-up.



Classic microblading is best for obtaining the most natural looking brow. For this procedure hair strokes are created using a handheld device to mimic the appearance of more eyebrow hair. Not ideal for oily or large pore skin types. 

Microblading & Shading


Best known as, Signature Combo Brows this procedure combines classic natural microblading hairstokes with machine shading/ombre' for a beautifully defined brow. Our most popular procedure! Suitable for all skin types.

Each appointment is 3 hours and includes: consultation at time of appointment, color matching, custom brow design, and touch-up appointment (within initial 10 week time period).

Prior to every appointment you MUST text, or email clear photos of your current brows! Please get in touch with us through contact button for bookings.  

**If you have any previous permanent makeup, please e-mail us before booking your appointment.


Santa Barbara, CA United States


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